846.025 050 100 200 300 PUJADAS 250ml to 3L PP MEASURING CUPS - 174026C 27A 28A 29A 29B

PUJADAS PP Measuring Cup

Item Code:
Item NumberCapacity
846.025 / 174026C 250ml
846.050 / 174027A 500ml
846.100 / 174028A 1.0L
846.200 / 174029A 2.0L
846.300 / 174029B 3.0L


Primarily to measure the volume of liquid or amount of solid substances that are used as cooking ingredients.

BPA-free polypropylene material is suitable for temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C.

(BPA-free meaning, safe to heat without adverse side effects).

Embossed graduated marker on the side of the jug.

Functional, durable, hygienic.