PUJADAS Plastic GN 1/1 Cutting Board w/Groove 530X325mm

Item Code:
Item NumberColour
911.501 / 2520116White
911.502 / 2520117Red
911.503 / 2520120Blue
911.504/ 2520118Yellow
911.505 / 2520121Green
911.506 / 2520119Brown
911.507 / 2520122Violet


High quality and durable HDPE plastic, the preferred material used in the food and beverage industry.

Slight rounded edges. Anti-slip. Easy to clean. Resistant to mould, mildew, solvents and cleaning solutions.

HDPE boards will not dull knives and USDA/FDA compliant.

Groove prevents spillage of food fluid/juices, maintaining hygiene of the food preparation surface.

Colour coding prevents cross contamination – crucial for commercial food preparation and hygiene certifications.

Standard GN1/1 size of 530 x 325mm. 20mm height.

White for bread and dairy products. Red for raw red meat. Blue for fish/seafood. Yellow for raw chicken. Green for fruit and vegetables. Brown for cooked meat. Purple for “free-from” or anti-allergen products, such as gluten-free bread.