720.005 007 008 010 012 PUJADAS 5cm to 12cm SMALL NON-STICK ROUND FLUTED TART MOULD

PUJADAS Non-Stick Round Fluted Tart Mould (Small)

Item Code:
Item NumberDimensions
720.005 50X12mm
720.007 70X12mm
720.008 80X12mm
720.010 100X18mm
720.012 120X20mm


Double-ply PFTE coating for relative abrasion-resistance and non-stick function.

For cooking traditional tarts, tart bases, pies or quiches, to hold and shape the pastry dough as it is baked.

Even diffusion of heat and uniform cooking.

Durable, functional, hygienic.

CE-certified. Made in Spain.