OATES Platinum Janitors Cart MKII

Item Code: JC-3000ZX / 2901211


Stylish and sturdy design offers optimum maneuverability and flexibility to hang multiple accessories.

Compatible with all original Oates® Janitorial Platinum accessories including new optional extras: Platinum Security Hood Kit (JA-015H), Platinum Security Door Kit (JA-018D), Platinum Mesh Linen Bag (JA-020) and Platinum 9 Pocket Organiser Bag (JA-021).

Foldable handle assembly and rear platform to reduce space when stored.

Laundry bag lid to hide rubbish contained within laundry zip bag.

Hook clips for holding 25mm in place
and hanging lobby pans and “A” frame signs.

Ergo bucket (IW-100) footprint on front base to hold bucket in place.

Mop holder bracket compatible with dust control mops.

4 compartment bottle holder compatible with PB-001 / PB-002 squeeze bottles.