B-13125 B-13126 B-13127 OATES 33.5cm, 43.5cm & 53.5cm PLASTIC BACK EVA SQUEEGEE - 2902226 2902228 2902229

OATES Plastic Back EVA Squeegee

Item Code:
Item NumberDescription
B-13125 / 2902226 335mm
B-13126 / 2902228 435mm
B-13127 / 2902229 535mm


Flexible double EVA blade moulds to the shape of the floor and gets into lower areas of grout to clean uneven surfaces, like tiles.

Quick drying leaves floors hygienically clean.

– 33.5X4.5X5.8cm
– 43.5X4.5X5.8cm
– 5.35X4.5X5.8cm