DQB Deck Scrubbing Brush 600mm

Item Code:
Item NumberDescription
10643 / 510616G PP
10585 / 510616E Tampico
10703 / 510616I Palmyra


Deck scrubbing brushes suited for a variety of scrubbing needs.

– PP (Tampico-coloured): Long lasting, checmical resistant, excellent for all-purpose scrubbing- whether light, medium or heavy dirt on smooth floors.

– Black tampico: The premier all-purpose, chemical-resistant sweep for both smooth and rough floors.

– Palmyra: Truly heavy duty- stiff coarse, natural Palmyra fibre for aggressive scrubbing of wood decks and patios. Will move heavy, caked dirt and debris over rough floor surfaces, under wet or dry conditions.

All deck scrubs in hardwood blocks with 2 threaded holes. Handles sold separately.

Suggested handle DBQ model 11041 (threaded).