8539126 8503830 8539136 DICK 26cm, 30cm & 36cm PRO DYNAMIC SLICERS with GRANTON BLADE - 172338F 172330 172331

DICK PRO DYNAMIC Carbon Steel Slicer Knife (Granton Blade)

Item Code:
Item NumberDescription
85391260 / 172338F 26cm
8503830 / 172330 30cm
8539136 / 172331 36cm


Forged and polished X50CrMoV15 carbon steel alloy for retained sharpness and corrosion-resistance.

Granton blade (dimples on the blade reduce surface tension between the blade and moist food, for easier slicing.

Full plastic handle is soft and lightweight for comfort, and allows good grip for accurate and efficient cutting.

Made in Germany.