8161.53 8161.60 DE BUYER 53cm & 60cm NON-STICK ALUM BAKING TRAYS - SLANT EDGE - 170858U 172135H

DE BUYER Non-Stick Aluminium Baking Tray Solid

Item Code:
Item NumberDescription
8161.53 / 170858U 530X325X10mm
8161.60 / 172135H 600X400X10mm


Aluminium baking tray with ultra-resistant, non-stick, PFOA-free, 5-layer PTFE coating for easy release of delicate pastries..

Thick and undeformable yet lightweight.

Slanted edge for space-efficient storage.

Available in standard GN 1/1 size (530X325mm) and 600X400mm. 10mm height.