DE BUYER Adaptor Coupler for Piping Tips

Item Code:
Item NumberSize
2114.21 / 2532524 20mm
2114.12 / 2532523 25mm
2114.11 / 2532522 35mm
2114.13 / 2532525 Set of all 3 sizes


Food-grade plastic adaptor adds stability to the piping bag preventing seepage of contents.

Adaptors also allow convenient swapping of nozzles on the same pastry bag (without having to empty and change piping bags).

Simple to use, they consist of two parts – the main piece and a screw on top.

To use, cut the end off your piping bag, insert the main part of the adapter, place your chosen piping nozzle on the end and screw the top in place.

To change nozzle, simply unscrew the top, swap your nozzle, screw the top on and carry on piping.

Available in 20mm (for small, decorative nozzles), 25mm (for medium nozzles), 35mm (for large nozzles) or as a set of all 3 sizes.