472558 472758 472958 473158 473358 473558 CHASSEUR 3.2L to 8.5L OVAL CAST IRON CASSEROLE in RED-BLACK 25cm to 35cm

CHASSEUR Cast Iron Casserole- Red/Black (Oval)

Item Code:
Item NumberDescription
472558 / 171750G 25cm (3.2Ltr)
472758 / 171750J 27cm (4Ltr)
472958 / 171750L 29cm (5Ltr)
473158 / 171750N 31cm (6Ltr)
473358 / 171750Q 33cm (7.1Ltr)
473558 / 171750S 35cm (8.5Ltr)


Manually casted and enamelled.

Ceramic lid for stewing in the traditional technique of tajine cooking.

Optimal gauge for unsurpassed heat distribution and retention without hot spots- ideal for gentle cooking methods.

Ridges on the interior of the lid allow continuous moisture condensation and even redistribution.

Suitable for all heat sources including induction.

Durable, functional, hygienic, easy to clean.

Handmade in France. Lifetime guarantee.