281801 281901 ARCOS 24cm & 28cm UNIVERSAL SS HOTEL SLICER with GRANTON EDGE 36cm & 40.2cm

ARCOS UNIVERSAL SS Hotel Slicer (Granton Blade)

Item Code:
Item NumberDimensions
281801 240mm
281901 280mm


The ARCOS UNIVERSAL Series has a wide, smooth-edged, multifunctional blade.

Nitrum stainless steel exclusive to ARCOS, with superior hardness, durability and cutting effectiveness.

Granton blade (dimples on the blade reduce surface tension between the blade and moist food, for easier slicing.

Ergonomic 3-rivet polyoxymethylene (POM) grip withstands temperatures -40C to 150C and is Bactiproof Silver-treated to reduce proliferation of fungi and mould by 99.9%.

Made in Spain.