ARCOS RIVIERA SS Steak Knife 130mm

Item Code:
Item NumberDescription
230524 Individual piece (White)
230500 / 172508W Individual piece (Black)
834700 / 172508X Gift set (4 pieces)


The ARCOS RIVIERA Series has a forged blade of Nitrum stainless steel exclusive to ARCOS, with superior hardness, durability and cutting effectiveness.

The blade has a bolstered-end to prevent unwanted cuts, and is secured to the handle through stainless steel rivets.

Polyoxymethylene (POM) handle has superior temperature resistance and follows a French-inspired rounded ferrule design.

Handle is also Bactiproof Silver treated to reduce proliferation of fungi and bacteria by 99.9%.

Made in Spain. NSF-certified.

Available individually or as a gift-box set of 4.