161600 ARCOS 19cm MANHATTAN ROCKING SANTOKU KNIFE - 33.3cm - 172328X

ARCOS MANHATTAN SS Rocking Santoku Knife 190mm

Item Code: 161600 / 172328X


The ARCOS MANHATTAN Series of forged knives with rounded polishing and half ferrule for precise grip and easy handling of the knife.

Nitrum stainless steel exclusive to ARCOS, with superior hardness, durability and cutting effectiveness.

Characteristic curvature perfect for chopping and cutting.

Ergonomically-designed Polyoxymethylene (POM) handle is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and chemicals.

Handle is also Bactiproof Silver treated to reduce proliferation of fungi and bacteria by 99.9%.

Tapped rivets are highly corrosion-resistant and firmly hold the blade to the handle for extra safety and durability.

Made in Spain. NSF-certified.