ARCOS COLOUR PROF SS Salmon Knife 300mm

Item Code:
Item NumberDimensions
242700 / 173307H Narrow (flexible) blade
243300 / 173307J Regular blade


Nitrum stainless steel exclusive to ARCOS, with superior hardness, durability and cutting effectiveness.

Granton (dimpled) edge improves slicing performance with moist salmon.

Handle consists of a PP core coated with non-slip rubber. Highly resistant to impact, abrasion, solvents, and withstands temperatures up to 120C. Special injection moulding process ensures a seamless joint between blade and handle.

Coloured cap allows colour-coding to maximise hygiene-sanitary control.

Curved and narrow edge specially for precise and efficient boning.

Made in Spain.

Available in narrow (flexible) blade and regular blade.