ARAVEN Ventilated Food Transport Container

Item Code:
Item NumberDimensionsVolumeRemarks
01850 / 172948A 600 X 395 X 410mm50Ltr -
01870 / 172948B 655 X 435 X 455mm70Ltr Wheels
01890 / 172948C 705 X 465 X 480mm90Ltr Wheels


Made of BPA-free Polyethylene with high impact resistance and excellent low temperature performance. From –40ºC to +90ºC.

Ventilation hatch for circulation of air – preventing build up of condensation when storing and transporting food with high water content such as fruit and vegetables.

Recess for content identifying label.

Coloured clips for identification to prevent cross-contamination.

Wheels for 70Ltr and 90Ltr containers facilitate transport.

Enquire for information on material properties as well as BPA-free, HACCP, NSF and other certifications.