ARAVEN Universal Silicone Lid GN

Item Code:
Item NumberDimensions GN Size
91811 167X103X10mmGN1/9
91812 167X154X10mmGN1/6
91813 252X154X10mmGN1/4
91814 309X167X10mmGN1/3
91815 309X252X10mmGN1/2
91816 336X309X10mmGN2/3
91817 503X309X10mmGN1/1


Totally airtight seal reduces microbiological load and oxidation- keeping food fresh for longer.

Flexible silicone material such that the lids are universal – fitting all types and materials of food boxes (e.g. steel, porcelain etc.) which correspond to the same GN size.

Transparent for easy identification of contents.

Oven and microwave compatible – reducing cooking time and obtaining energy savings.

Not recommended for use with razor sharp, square or damaged stainless steel containers.