ARAVEN Square Food Storage Container w/Lid

Item Code:
Item NumberDimensionsVolume
91860 / 172944J 195 X 195 X 100mm2Ltr
91861 / 172944K 195 X 195 X 190mm4Ltr
91862 / 172944L 235 X 235 X 190mm6Ltr
91863 / 172944M 235 X 235 X 230mm8Ltr
91864 / 172499N 290 X 290 X 210mm12Ltr
91865 / 172944P 290 X 290 X 320mm18Ltr
91866 / 172944Q 290 X 290 X 400mm22Ltr


Polypropylene, unbreakable, transparent and easy to handle. Temperatures range from -40°C to +99°C.

Space optimisation through square shape as well as stackable and nestable design.

Side handles facilitate handling and transport, while support lines make removal of stacked containers easy.

Colour clips prevent cross-contamination ensuring that the contents of this container will always be of the same nature.

Airtight lids made using LDPE fully protect the food.

Enquire for information on material properties as well as BPA-free, HACCP, NSF and other certifications.