ARAVEN Polypropylene GN Sauce Dispenser

Item Code:
Item NumberDimensionsDescription / Volume
01362 / 171044H 176X108X190mmGN1/9 (1.5Ltr) bottle only
01363 / 171044K 380X225X195mm3 X GN1/9 (1.5Ltr) with stand
01367 / 171044G 176X162X190mmGN1/6 (2.6Ltr) bottle only
01361 / 171044J 380X225X195mm2 X GN1/6 (2.6Ltr) with stand
03787 / 171044L 265X162X190mmGN1/4 (4.3Ltr) bottle only


For dispensing sauces, dressings, and syrups.

Vertical dispenser avoids spillage and saves space on countertops. Easy-to-fill design adds convenience.

Reduces waste by pumping out only the amount required. 10ml per pump for GN 1/4, 30ml per pump for GN 1/6 & 1/9.

Shutoff valve and double airtight seal keeps the pumping circuit closed, improving preservation of contents even in cold storage.

Flexible LDPE lid for better fit to dispenser base.

Easy-to-clean, removable dispenser pump.

Available individually or as a set of bottles complete with accompanying stand.