ARAVEN PP Drain Tray Plate

Item Code:
Item NumberDimensionsGN
00254 / 2525585 120X106X20mmGN1/6
00243 / 2525586 208X100X20mmGN1/4
00242 / 2525587 260X115X20mmGN1/3
00241 / 2525588 260X205X20mmGN1/2
00256 / 2525589 470X265X20mmGN1/1


Separates exudate fluid from food such aas meat or fish, improving preservation and reducing spoilage from bacterial proliferation.

High enough and without sharp edges, corners or nooks to prevent exudate accumulation and recontact with food.

In standard GatroNorm sizes compatible for use with respective-sized food storage containers.