ARAVEN Food Storage Container w/Coloured Clips

Item Code:
Item NumberDimensionsVolumeRemarks
91172 / 150541 530X360X185mm30Ltr -
91173 / 150542 530X395X270mm40Ltr -
00545 / 150542A 800X450X185mm42Ltr -
91183 / 150543 530X360X370mm60Ltr Integrated Wheels


Perfect for storing raw meats, fish on ice, and even bulk produce.

Colour-coded clips to avoid cross contamination where hygiene is crucial.

Built to withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C to +99°C.

Stackable with lid and nestable when empty.

Side handles with fasteners for easy handling and transport.

These containers can be utilized in conjunction with ARAVEN perforated drain boxes (sold separately) for defrosting food.

The integrated wheels of 60Ltr (91183) ensure ease of use when transporting items.

Enquire for information on material properties as well as BPA-free, HACCP, NSF and other certifications.