ARAVEN PP GN 1/9 Airtight Container

Item Code:
Item NumberDimensionsVolume
03020 / 2525561 176 X 108 X 65mm 0.6Ltr
03021 / 2525562 176 X 108 X 100mm1.0Ltr
03022 / 2525563 176 X 108 X 150mm1.5Ltr


Airtight containers for food preservation. Standard GastroNorm sizing for space optimisation.

The lid has a channel that allows part of the air inside the container to be expelled, reducing food oxidation and improving food preservation.

Special tab on the lid makes it easier to open.

Transparent for easy identification of contents.

Coloured clips to prevent cross contamination in applications where hygiene is crucial.

Dishwasher safe.

Enquire for information on material properties as well as BPA-free, HACCP, NSF and other certifications.