100508 100509 100510 100511 ANZA RADIATOR BRUSHES in 2.5cm, 3.5cm, 5cm & 7cm - 510165A 510166A 510167A 510168A

ANZA X2 Paint Brush Radiator

Item Code:
Item NumberDescription
100508 / 510165A 25mm
100509 / 510166A 35mm
100510 / 510167A 50mm
100511 / 510168A 70mm


X2 flat brushes are the part of the paint brush range developed for all protective and maritime coatings- primers, mid coat, top coat, PFP, antifouling etc.

Well suited in both low and high viscosity. Very suitable for stripe coating and touch up purposes.

Unique Hicap 100% polyester blend is optimised for industrial coatings and provides smooth finish and exceptional spreading with very good coverage. No fiber loss.

Achieves paint suppliers’ recommendations for paint thickness and wanted finish.

Wood handle with tin plate ferrule.

Tested and recommended by Jotun for Jotamastic Smart Pack HB, Barrier Smart Pack and Hardtop One.