7447-15 7447-30 3M SCOTCH BRITE MAROON POLISHING ROLL 150mm X 15Ft & 150mm X 30Ft - 174071FE

3M Pro Polishing Roll

Item Code:
Item NumberSize
7447-15 / 174071F150mmX15ft
7447-30 / 174071E150mmX30ft


A superior alternative to steel wool, wire brushes, sandpaper, and other nonwoven products for cleaning or finishing tasks.

Won’t shred during use, rust after use, or create fine metal splinters.

Non-woven, open-web material can be used dry, with water or solvents, and rinsed clean for reuse.

Suitable for use on wood, metal, plastics, ceramics, porcelain, glass, rubber, or composites.

Can be folded, stacked, or rolled for effective cleaning or conditioning on flat, irregular, or contoured surfaces.