IGLOO 3.0Gal Yellow 400 Series Beverage Dispenser

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This 3 gallon IGLOO insulated beverage dispenser/portable water cooler is perfect for anywhere there is no built-in water source. Extremely versatile, this industrial polyethylene cooler provides easy access to water at onsite work environments, sports, games, schoolyards, and farmers markets. The bright yellow and red safety colours offer high visibility in any setting, making it easy for thirsty workers to locate the cooler in seconds, plus, the colours will not fade, even in direct sunlight. UV inhibitors protect against fading and cracking from sun damage.

Features a pressure-fit lid that does not trap dirt and mould, with a wide gripping base to accommodate gloved hands. Keeper cord prevents the lid from being misplaced and promotes cleanliness. The coolers meet OSHA labelling requirements for water coolers used on jobsites. Cup dispenser bracket (sold separately) allows for attaching of optional cup dispenser and has reinforced backing. The angled, drip-resistant spigot directs the flow of water directly into smaller coolers, water bottles, and disposable cups. Maintains ice for up to 3 days (under controlled test conditions and ambient temperature of 32°C).

IGLOO Water Coolers in 3, 5 and 10gallons are rugged, durable industrial water coolers keep water cold, clean and available.

IGLOO water cooler replacement spigot (sold separately) fits all beverage coolers from 2 to 10 gallons.

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Dimensions - D x H

Item Code


Dimensions - D x H 34.9 x 35.9cm
Capacity 3Gal / 13.6Ltr


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