OCEAN 46.3cm Umbrella Stand


An umbrella stand is a storage device for umbrellas and walking sticks. They are usually located inside the entrance of a home or public building, and are sometimes complemented by a hanger or mirror or combined with a coat rack.

The stand is used to hold umbrellas when they are not in use. In public spaces, their use is usually limited to rainy days when employees and visitors need to carry umbrellas. Umbrellas can be closed and placed in the stand. They are usually dropped off upon entering the building and collected when leaving the building. This is useful because wet umbrellas may cause a wet floor, which could pose a hazard of slipping.

Our plastic umbrella stand is an upright container with 24 slots. In addition to acting as a functional piece of furniture, to hold umbrellas when they are not in use, it is also an aesthetic object for decoration.


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Dimensions - L x W x H

Item Code


Dimensions - L x W x H 46.3 x 32.3 x 60.3cm


OCEAN 45.3cm Foldable Lap Desk

Item Code : 530506B