OCEAN 45.0cm Plastic 2-Step Stool


A step stool refers to a smaller self-supporting, portable ladder, that may be foldable for easy storage. Step stools are useful and efficient when extra height is needed to reach or perform tasks overhead safely, but when a full-sized ladder is not required.

Step stools are half way between a ladder and a stool, being used, as a support platform, for reaching targets that are at heights between ~2m and ~3m.

Step stools are similar to regular stools in that they are designed mostly for users to sit on top and therefore have a length size of fewer than 32 inches. 

Our plastic 2-step stool is lightweight but strong and very durable that will last for years to come. Multi-use as a ladder stool for harder to reach corners like shelves. An inexpensive essential for your family! This plastic stool is not only waterproof, but also termite resistant, rust-proof and durable.

P/S: Picture of dark grey stool is for illustration purpose only.

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Dimensions - L x W x H

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Dimensions - L x W x H 45.0 x 43.8 x 45.0cm


OCEAN 45.3cm Foldable Lap Desk

Item Code : 530506B