WEBSTAURANT 45.0cm Flexible Cutting Board Mat - 2s


Cooking just got easier as you slice, dice, chop, and pour food directly into a bowl, pan, pot, or skillet! This translucent cutting board can be shaped, bent, or made into a funnel for maximum flexibility. It is easy to store, transport, and use, and it has an approximate 0.75 mm thickness.

Product features:

Flexible material lets the board be shaped, bent, or made into a funnel for easy ingredient transport
Built-in antibacterial properties naturally inhibit the growth of bacteria.
0.75 mm construction protects counters from being scratched or damaged.
Thin, lightweight design ensures effortless carrying and storage.
Perfect for adding chopped vegetables, meats, and herbs directly into bowls, pots, or pans.

Protect your counters with this WEBSTAURANT 18" x 12" flexible cutting board mat with logo!

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Dimensions - L x W

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Dimensions - L x W 45.0 x 30.0cm


WEBSTAURANT 60.0cm Flexible Cutting Board Mat - 2s

Item Code : 172445F

NOBLE 500s Dissolvable Product Label

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