TABLECRAFT 26.0cm High Heat Silicone Spoon


Boost your foodservice operation with this TABLECRAFT high heat silicone serving spoon. Featuring a durable silicone blade that can withstand temperatures up to 260°C or 550°F, this utensil is built for frequent use in high-volume consumer traffic facilities.

Use it to stir hot soups, baste skillet-cooked meats, or serve sauces and gravies for guests in your busy front-of-house area. While its durable nylon handle offers a wide grip for a more comfortable hold, its 10" length helps staff maintain a proper distance from all menu items in order to prevent contamination. Its ergonomic design even provides comfort during everyday use.

Offering both style and function, this TABLECRAFT serving spoon is a must-have addition to any buffet, catered event, or commercial kitchen. It's also ideal for use in a variety of applications, making it a versatile utensil for anything from back-of-house cooking to self-serve buffet stations, not to mention table service! Plus, its sleek finish enables easy maintenance, and its hanging hole allows for convenient storage after use.

Bringing quality and convenience to your kitchen has never been easier with this silicone serving spoon!

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Dimensions - Length

Item Code


Dimensions - Length 26.0cm / 10.0"


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