BONZER® 21.0cm Black Acrylic Champagne Bucket


A champagne or wine bucket is a container that holds ice cubes or cold water and ice. You can use it to put bottles of wine to keep the wine cool. Place the bottle of wine in the wine bucket to the right of the diner.

This black acrylic champagne bucket with moulded handles, good for one bottle of champagne or wine provides a safe and easy way to present bottles while being less cumbersome than other more conventional buckets.

The bucket should be lined with a towel before ice cubes are added to keep a bucket of Champagne from sweating. Keeping the ice cold will be achieved by insulating it. The ice can also be kept insulated in a container with bubble wrap, then covered with a towel.


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Dimensions - D x H

Item Code


Dimensions - D x H 21.0 x 19.0cm


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