BORMIOLI ROCCO 1.0Ltr GIARA Glass Bottle - Hermetic Lid

Bormioli Rocco

Good, healthy and sustainable, it is the water consumed in the glass. A healthy and ecologically correct habit that is taking hold where environmental awareness is most evolved. Glass is absolutely the material of choice for water conservation. Unalterable and pure, recyclable virtually indefinitely, glass is not only practical and functional but also an element of enhancement of the water we drink every day through design.

This 100cl classic design bottle which is part of the Giara collection, is a perfect solution for storing beverages.
It features an airtight hermetic clamp closure with a rubber gasket that keeps the contents fresh. Also available in a smaller size.

Gasket and metal ring are not dishwasher-safe. Hand washing is recommended - without any cleanser for the gasket and the metal ring.
Dry the metal ring after washing. The gasket is not suitable for contact with 100% fatty substances.

For correct use: it is recommended never to fill up to the brim but to reach a maximum of about 5 cm from the edge of the bottle.

Item Code
Dimensions - D x H

Item Code


Dimensions - D x H 8.6 x 30.6cm
Capacity 100cl / 33¾oz


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